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    The Ghanty Group has acquired the largest share of the textile distribution market in the territories where it operates. Thanks to his professionalism, he has become a leader in the service of customers.

    The Ghanty Group

    For more than 40 years, the Ghanty group has been building a franchise partnership with more than 15 brands, and has developed more than 69 stores as a retail network. These stores located in the best catchment areas, in malls or high streets, range from 100 to 1600 sq meters.

    Known as the best retailer group and the strongest partner within the territories, the Ghanty group is proud to be recognized as the “must have” partner and to be preferred for new contracts.

    In 2014, UNDIZ, the sister company of the ETAM Group, offering lingerie that breaks all the rules of the traditional market, and recently, INGLOT, the trendy cosmetics brand have closed a deal with the Ghanty group, in order to enter in La Réunion which is a new market for these brands!

    The strengths of the Ghanty group are also a major asset for real estate negotiations. The Ghanty group can select the best locations for the units and sign lease contracts with landlords in better conditions, giving benefits to its partners.

    Through all the partnerships with the major players on their market, the Ghanty group has become a key actor in the retail business for ready to wear and shoes in the islands of La Réunion, Caribbean and Mauritius, the French overseas departments.

    Ghanty groupe

    Les enseignes partenaires

    11 enseignes partenaires ont choisi de confier leur développement au groupe Ghanty : La Halle, Promod, Okaidi, Obaibi, Jennyfer, La Halle aux Chaussures, Moa, Undiz, Inglot.

    The Brands
    Discover all the Ghanty group brand-partners

    Notre réseau

    Notre réseau compte plus de 50 magasins : à La Réunion, en Martinique, en Guadeloupe.

    Our Network
    A network of more than 60 stores
    La Réunion
    La Martinique
    La Guadeloupe

    Qui sommes-nous

    Le groupe Ghanty est né d’une vocation familiale, celle du commerce de détail. Crée par M. R Ghanty, actuel PDG, en 1974, et développé depuis en collaboration avec son fils Yachine Ghanty directeur général.


    The company has been set up more than 40 years ago by Rashid & Moze Ghanty. Nowadays, the Group is led by Rashid Ghanty and his son Yachine.

    The management team is engaged daily in developing the company with the same "family" spirit. They are also deeply involved in the teams' commitments, the efficiency of their investments and their long term quality.

    The Group Ghanty is currently co-led by Rashid and Yachine Ghanty.

    Located in the Indian Ocean, La Réunion could be a beachhead for the brands who plan to enter in South Africa, Mauritius and Asia. All these markets present huge apportunities for brands network development.

    The Ghanty Group has an undeniable know-how in dealing all year round with summer/spring collections exclusively. In fact, these is no winter for the GHANTY Group !

    This long term experience is a major asset for the existing or future brands and partners of group in these territories.

    La carte mode

    C'est la carte de fidélité de référence à la Réunion En seulement 1 an et demi, le programme Carte MODE a recruté plus de 150 000 adhérents. Notre objectif est d’atteindre les 250 000 adhérents d'ici fin 2015.

    What about Carte MODE ?
    Carte MODE is the "must have" loyalty card in La Réunion.
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    • Carte MODE generates coupons:  1€ = 1 coupon. Every 100 coupons give members a 5€ discount on any purchase made in the participating stores.

    • Carte MODE provides members with monthly "special offers".

    • Carte MODE has a lifetime validity for 5€ cost only !



    Trends and novelties but also exceptional openings and private sales are communicated on :


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    Notre Service clients est situé à La Réunion : ZI Bel Air, 206 r Francois Cudenet, 97450 SAINT-LOUIS

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